Blackberries are here

Hollingsworth Farms Blackberries are here.  These may be some of the best blackberries you will ever have.  They are big and full of flavor.  This year James is having a bumper crop.  We hope to have blackberries through June.  If you enjoy blackberries you really need to get some of these.  James has been growing blackberries for over 10 years.   His farm is located in Elberta, Alabama.

Blueberries should be following suit.  We are getting Florida and Georgia Blueberries in right now and waiting on Sunny Side Farms to bring us blueberries out of Walnut Hill.  

Wednesday we received local yard eggs from Mosier Farms.  


Cantaloupes, watermelons, squashes, sweet corn,  peaches green beans, collards, peppers, eggplant, lettuces all coming in steady.   

We are almost out of our wonderful Durden Kale for the season.  Please come and get some this weekend.  Our local kale will be done until the fall.


Thank you for looking!