So Much to Share!

We have so much to share!  Our online farmers market will allow us to reach people who want to eat better, enjoy local flavor, learn about what is available and different ways of utilizing it.  We want to be an important resource for you.

Let's start by seeing what's available this week? 

From Sawyer Farms,(Dothan, AL) Strawberries and spring onions  
Stewart Farms (Bay Minette, Al) carrots, beets, collards, red radishes,  watermelon radishes
Herb and Pepper Farm (Walnut Hill, Florida) microgreens
Local Appetite red and green bibb lettuces, red and green cabbage
King Farms, (Vardaman, Mississippi) orange sweet potato and Japanese white
sweet potato
Palmetto, Florida Vine Ripe Tomato, Green Bells, Green Tomato and Eggplant
Lee Johnson Micro Green Salad, Pensacola, Florida
Quincy, Florida Mushrooms Portabella, white buttons, Crimini
Florida Tangerines and Hamlin Oranges
Our " Local Harvest Baskets" will be made off of these items.  We have large, medium and small boxes available.  
If you would like more variety we also offer Seasonal Baskets which this week will feature responsibly grown yellow onions, responsibly grown Fuji apples and responsibly grown bananas. 
This coming week we are featuring our Spicy Stir Fry Cabbage  Kit.  Our kit offers a quick healthy recipe utilizing Indian spices ( turmeric, garlic, mustard seed, coriander, serrano pepper), all spices are included.  Check out our video on how to make:
In April we will be featuring new recipes for quick and easy salad dressings, compound butter.  
This weekend we will be featuring of fresh Pico De Gallo made with Florida Vine Ripe Tomatoes.  Delicious and nutritious. 
We look forward to you coming to see us at Flora Bama Farms.  If you can't make it out to the farm check us out online. Place an order and earn a 15% discount on your following order.  
Thank you for looking.