We Love You Dad!!

Father, Dad, Pop,  whatever you call the man who helped raise you, his one special day is coming up this weekend.   This is the one day a year when it's all about him. We should make fathers feel special, tell them we love them, and tell them exactly why we love them.  

In honor of Father's Day, we are getting in plenty of local corn. We will be offering 10 ears for $3.00.  Any color you want.  White, Yellow or Bicolor. 

William Wendt is bringing us corn along with local Cantaloupes out of Chamuckla.

Steve's Farm is also bringing us corn out of Molino.  Keep your fingers crossed that mother nature will cooperate. We are hoping Steve will also bring us creamer peas and butter beans.   

Sawyer Farms will be bringing us Pink Eye Peas for the weekend along with some homegrown tomatoes out of Houston County.   She also has plenty of crookneck yellow squash. 

Carl Stewart is near the end on his collard greens but we do anticipate have some for the weekend.  Carl is also producing zucchini, patty pan squash, cucumbers, eggplant, jalapenos, green peppers and spaghetti squash. 

Blueberries are also arriving from Sunny Side Farms in Molino.

Blackberries are still arriving out of Elberta from Hollingsworth Farms. 

Watermelons are soon to be coming in from Carl Stewart and Williams Wendt.  

Chilton County Peaches will be getting a new delivery in time for the weekend. 

Local Appetite has started picking heirloom tomatoes.  They also h

ave hydroponic lettuces

Mico Greens are available through Lee Johnson who produces in Lillian, Florida. 

We also are getting in Red and Gold potatoes from Tim White out of Fairhope Alabama. 

Don't forget to grab Dad some of Billy's Bacon while your here. Who doesn't love Bacon?   Billy's Bacon is in a class of its own. Produced in Daphne Alabama. It is an award-winning product. 

We also have local yard eggs, cornmeal, and cornflour. Okra as well.  I am trying not to overlook an item but I probably will.  

Show Dad you love him.  Create a home-cooked meal with local fruits and vegetables.  It is one sure way to help make Dad's Day special. 

Thank's for looking!!

Happy Father's Day,  We love you Dad.